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Physio Optimum is MOVING July 2 and joining MEDSPORT OTTAWA at 320 March road just 2 km south of our previous location.
To book with Andree Condie, you can go online to or call 613-763-1510

Andree Condie has been treating clients in Kanata North and the Ottawa region for over 34 years. Her reputation is built on delivering high quality, personalized service with skill and dedication. Her philosophy: work in partnership with our clients, tailoring the treatment to their specific needs, and then teaching them how to minimize injury reoccurrence in order to maximize their quality of life.

  • Each client’s session is personalized to his or her needs, activities and concerns
  • Because each client is unique, his or her overall treatment plan must be too. Andree not believe in “one-size-fits-all” approaches.
  • She believes that every session should provide a concrete benefit to the client.
  • All assessments and treatments are provided by a registered physiotherapist. She will never compromise on her clients’ health.

About Us

We believe that your experience at Physio Optimum should be positive from the moment you walk in until the successful completion of your treatment plan.

Physio Optimum offers help in a very personal, relaxing, environment so that you feel at ease. In addition to providing our physiotherapy treatment, where appropriate, we search for alternative treatments and use outside referrals to treat your injury or condition. We always strive to help you achieve your therapeutic goals in an optimum way.

It is important to us that our clients receive the best quality treatments possible and, in the process, learn how to return to a healthy, injury free lifestyle. We also believe in lifelong learning and that’s why we never stop exploring the latest developments in therapeutic treatments and methodologies. This ensures that we can offer our clients a wide variety of hands-on techniques in each session.

Our treatments are covered by most extended health insurance plans; however we do not currently have direct billing. We also do not treat OHIP and WSIB (workplace injury) claims.

Andree Condie –, R.P.T., PT, M.C.P.A., Registered Physiotherapist –

Andree is a bilingual physiotherapist with over 34 years of experience. Andree graduated with magna cum laude from the University of Ottawa. She also completed the extensive post-graduate requirements through her Canadian Physiotherapy Orthopaedic Association to become a manual therapist. She has worked in a variety of settings including outpatient private clinics and with hospital inpatients in cardiac and orthopaedic settings. A believer in lifelong learning, Andree has continued to take post-graduate courses to further improve her skills of assessment and treatments. As well, her love for sports such as triathlon, golf and hockey has allowed her to specialize in many sports-oriented treatments such as golf injury prevention and rehabilitation with FIT for golf and treatment and evaluation of runners.

What we Treat

The therapist can treat all types of muscular-skeletal problems and conditions. This includes injuries, pain in muscles, ligaments, joints, spine and extremities. Andree has treated adults and children, from elite athletes to office workers with chronic back pain..  She has help junior and master competitive swimmers and soccer players, AAA and NHL hockey players return to their sports.


  • joints ligaments sprains, tears,
  • muscle strains, partial or full tear,
  • tendonitis such as Achilles, tennis or golfer elbow, and tight hip flexors,
  • bursitis in the hip, knee, shoulder, or ankle,
  • runner or jumper knees,
  • hip pointers
  • disc herniation, protrusion in the spine,
  • Nerve impingement such as Sciatica.


  • carpal tunnel,
  • patellofemoral syndrome,
  • plantar fasciitis,
  • headaches, migraines
  • arthritis, joint inflammation
  • post fracture (out of cast)
  • post surgery such as ACL repair, total knees and total hip, tendon repair in shoulder, hands, Achilles
  • temporomandibular joint –TMJ (jaw problems),
  • fibromyalgia
  • frozen shoulders

What we do

Andree has been well trained to treat not only local problems, but examine the body as a whole to help maximize healing results. She focus on treatment and on prevention of injuries.  These instructions help patients actively participate in the treatment process and this often results in fewer visits and a faster recovery time.

The initial visit consists of:

  • a full biomechanical evaluation of the local problem and surrounding area,
  • information about each client problem in order to help understand the why of the treatment and the how to prevent recurrence,
  • hands-on treatment,
  • exercise program specifically tailored to the client’s issues and concerns.

Subsequent visits include:

  • a reassessment of the problem, measurement of the progress if present,
  • treatment change or progression will be done depending on the results of the previous visit.

We communicate with your doctor or specialist if required.

We accept our limits and will continue to search for alternative treatments and make outside referrals if required to achieve your goal.



  • Monday 7:40am – 5pm
  • Tuesday 7:40am – 4pm
  • Wednesday 7:40am – 4pm
  • Thursday 7:40am – 4pm
  • Friday 7:40am – 12pm

PhysioOptimum works reduced hours during holidays. Please telephone to confirm therapists’ availability.

Contact Us

535 Legget Drive Suite 204
Kanata, ON
K2K 3B8
(613) 270-0053

Physio Optimum is situated beside the Brookstreet Hotel in the high tech sector of Kanata North. There is free parking in front of the building.